We grow. We change.

Throughout this time I've been challenged, crushed, thrown to beasts I've never known could exist in the darkness of mind. I survided. You can too.


That's the only time I have some .. ok nvm. Well, when one of them wakes up then one of us must go; That was not mine - this time, but I don't have much more time. Casal Garcia - that's the best green wine I've ever knew. I got linux back on my old fucking 2Gb crap machine (2Gb is fucki.. a lot!). Arch is just right and fits perfectly. I am sad to see Slackware hasn't been updated for a long - what's going on? - All this 2021, 2020, 2019 .. WTF! The old fucking days that I miss and the ones I don't give a shit; who am I now with so much responsibility and e.g.. managing puppets (or are they managing me?) - that's a fuckn.. crazy disturbing outside planet orbit nightmare! I don't care, Holidays' hell? who cares!! Use condons or loose your liberty!



I’ve been posting here but never shared any contact info. Please, if you want leave me a message, any feedback, are welcome! It’s pupo then at posteo then followed by a dot net.

No escape

Remember that app I’ve been using to create and export my posts here? Well, that’s a pretty good app but I can’t keep affording its price each month for the premium features I need.

Hmm, that’s interesting to raise how much cost is involved in subscription fees of online services. If we take the assumption that we need online storage, media content and alike, we can sum up $100 dollars easily, not counting the price of devices, network infrastructure and ISPs services.

We could build our own stuff but come on! Surely not easy, well integrated or user friendly as getting something ready from Amazon, Apple or Google. And let’s face it, for a DIY approach to work, you would have to convince your family members to use the stuff you amalgamated which mostly would make their lives using their gadgets a lot more difficult if not opting out having to use a device due to incompatibility of APIs or else.

And what about using none of those things. Believing in your privacy and data ideal and then you don’t want to store or share your photos on Facebook or something yet your partner does and uses all the fancy smartnesses available from big corps services making your willing of privacy and denial of silos to go down the hill screaming nonsense.

We’re already trapped! Trust them and embrace their stuff or keep running your tails in a blinding feeling that they can’t track you but not, sorry.


Soon I will experience working from home while caring of our newborns. That’s a complete new routine I’ll have to handle. I’ve been setting up my desk and utilities back to how it was and also adapting a standing desk.

You know, growing my family makes me think on ways to protect and share our data in a better and smart approach. Looking on alternatives to manage it, is fun! And I really need to say that it’s tempting all the facility and usability Google Nest stuff seems to offer. That was never my willing to say I needed a home mini or some smart assistant working at home but I’ve seen how it would benefit us enabling some smart devices here. I am just afraid and not friendly with all data shared with the big corp. Would it be something we cannot scape at all from now on? We are already dependent on their systems and some others for a while. Should we just embrace their future?


Going back to the stress topic discussed some posts ago, I can list some of the relievers that had been working for myself. And based on them, I could also identify some basic sources that influence its level of stress.

In some cases above, empathy is behind the scenes alleviating and healing the source of pain. On other ones, relievers that are more physically related, they do refil basic needs lowering the stress level when worked on.

I would put special attention on meditation as it’s the only one which might give you a certain control over yourself, letting you aware of how to handle stress in a conscious way.

Nevertheless, it’s a workgroup and identifying which source is being overloaded is essential to not panic.


Yesterday I was working on a draft to post about my willing for a Android tablet. Turns out, after some research, the whole thing is kinda abandoned by big G as it’s probably working on the Chrome OS experience instead. There seems to be no future ahead for Android tablets. On the other spectre Samsung is struggling and losing market for Bezos’ Fire - Android’s fork which has some success due to its unbeaten price and business market around it, but, it’s all Amazon custom bloatware.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading how hard it’s to have a nice and cheap device for a decent lifetime mostly because devices’ brands have a hard time or are too lazy to maintain an update schedule or sort of thing for their gadgets - yes, I know they probably don’t care but forcing us to buy their brand new stuff thousand times a year - and certainly a huge part of their trouble relies on the custom changes they make on top of the vanilla version released by Google.

That’s disappointing seeing all these devices lacking care of updates and security fixes. In the end, instead I must keep with my own smartphone “long term support” sort of thing and laptops or some hybrid gadget but, yep, no droid’s tablets.


Notes to our loved bachan

I still hear your laughing and your sarcastic way of saying things. You cared so much about us that missed some care of yourself. I do believe you’re in a better place now, maybe getting a little fun looking at us and certainly shining inside us sharing your strength and happiness. We miss you and I know there might be a reason for all this. Oh, they’re happy and healthy and for sure will hear stories of our adventures! We love you!

update: Just forgot to leave you a nice song

And yes, 2021!

That’s almost one month feeling kinda exhausted yet excited by all good things happening to us. For sure we all will have a better year.

Nevertheless, even not being able to join our family this time, we did get a pic - in a shorter version - to milestone and celebrate 2021 arrival. Happy new year!


What’s the limit of stress for a human being to handle before s/he goes out of mind? What’s the source of the stress? Is it something accumulative pushing us to our extremes for what reasons? What lessons and self growth should we gain from it?

I understand it would require us to gather the inputs and see how they are influencing the whole sum. However, getting the time and state of mind to think about it and assimilate all the brainstorming over it, does consume lots of time and focus which might not be available in all situations.

I see that there’s also a short gap of time which if we could just stop there, like a pause in a song, and absorb its energy to reduce our levels of stress, that would benefit and most times stop us from an unmanaged behaviour.

It is a fight against all the undesired stimulus we get hit on our senses and our capacity of abstraction and absorption of multiples sources of pain and unwanted feelings.

Well, it’s mostly much more than what I just thought and sure might differ from person to person but it’s an idea of how to approach thinking on possible relieves for it. Also, I just covered thinking about the sources and still want to discuss about reasons and lessons on the topic that I will let to another post.


So I also decided to look for a better text editor to create the posts and found out this Bear editor which sounds really cool to use.


Some advice about parental leave. Take all you have available specially if you’re going to take care of more than one child with your partner and by yourselves during lockdown times. That’s insane how much a child requires from you. My mistake being so naive.

So my cheat meanwhile for publishing all my stuff with one hand through a smartphone has been, as I said, writing in MD notation and then using this online tool to convert and paste the content in my index page.


I got some ideas for the site update, not the best ones though. So, I am trying by first writing using markdown, then converting it to HTML to easily publish through the Neocities editor web interface.

Sounds like a lot but that way I can also keep a copy of my posts on a note app. By the images, I found it cool to transform them to text like pics. It is also a good way to save space here.


I'm trying to get some easier way to update the site through a smartphone.


Lot of work here recently. So I bring you our joy from this tough 2020. Let’s share peace and hope that we all get a better year soon.

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